OwnCube shutdown: next steps

Hey everyone who had used owncube as their provider.
We may use this forum to inform each other about news in this causa.
Maybe someone thinks about taking legal actions…?
For my side, I’v had a lifetime plan and Server with cpanel where i also hosted a website.
To get back my domain i contactet inwx.de It seems they can give me a new auth-code.

Just a few thoughts on this…

  1. I hope this is a lesson for anyone who was assuming that if they upload their data somewhere to a cloud, they no longer need backups.

  2. i don’t think you will get far with legal actions, at least not if the provider hasn’t been grossly negligent in some way and/or doesn’t honour their promises to refund money for ongoing subscriptions.

  3. Lifetime plans are one of those things. They usually do not refer to your liftime, but to the liftime of the product/service :wink:

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It is always the same. You get what you pay for. You can’t expect to get everything for little money.

Lifetime plans? Something like that just can’t work. Every company wants to make a profit in order not to close again, like owncube.

Our prices are not the cheapest on the market, but they are fairly calculated so that we don’t have to close tomorrow.

Again: You get what you pay for!

Yeah, sure, but that alone is no guarantee that no data will be lost or accounts blocked, even with the big players like Google and Microsoft this has happened. I would recommend everyone to always keep a local copy of important data and/or at least have copies/backups of it at a second cloud provider, regardless of which provider they use.

Could you please spare us with your tips. This was ment to inform each other with news on the case.
It is more than the loss of data. I still have all my data by the way. The cloud is not my problem here.
But…when a company mail adress is not reachable and no actions were possible to transfer the domain, it can cause major problems. Customers do not reach you etc.
So pls stay focused everyone has already learnd his lesson.

Sorry, I thought that was already sorted.

It takes time and nerves.The domain is still not reachable i still have to do verification that i’m the owner of the domain. And even than till nameservers have ben set etc. a day will pass.
That is not nice from owncube to not give time for transferring very important stuff like domains and should have consequences.

News: they have written a mesage on their website:

Cloudhosting von 2012 - 2024

Wie bereits am 04.02 per Email, Ankündigung, Rss Feed und Kundenpanel informiert, muss OwnCube seinen Service nach 12 Jahren leider einstellen.

Für Domaintransfer AUTH/EPP Code können Sie sich jederzeit an support@owncube.com wenden.


Zusatzinformation 07.02:

Aufgrund einer frühzeitigen Sperrung bei unserem Serverprovider, sind die Server früher als geplant abgeschalten worden.
Wir versuchen dies aktuell mit dem Serverprovider zu klären und die Dienste wie geplant bis einschließlich 17.02 wieder aktiviert zu bekommen.

It all sounds like they literally ran out of money and probably couldn’t pay their bills anymore. That’s of course all speculation on my part.

Well, good luck with that. While this hole situation is obviously very unfortunate, I don’t think the actual chances of getting compensation for expenses or losses caused by them going out of business at such short notice are very high. But I’m not a lawyer and this forum is probably not the right place for legal discussions.

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Hello everyone, I’ve been in the internet business, specifically web design (coding and hosting), for 14 years and I’d like to share two pieces of advice that I think will help you avoid certain issues in the future…

  • Lifetime plans are a major red flag. Why? Because they provide immediate cash flow for the company, which is the goal, BUT they also impose ongoing costs (maintenance, servers, etc.) for life. This model is not sustainable. For instance, if OWNCUBE claims “lifetime equals 3 years,” it means that by the fourth year, they are no longer making money, and by the sixth, they start losing money on every customer. This is the beginning of the end. Normally, “LIFETIME” offers should be limited and used as promotional tools, but it’s crucial to ensure that this “easy” money remains a small fraction of our revenue. (This is also a heads-up to anyone selling these types of services :wink:
  • Domains: There are no exceptions here. Your domain must remain YOURS. Configuring DNS to point to a service provider is okay, but the purchase (and the roughly 12€/year cost) should definitely stay with you and you alone. Preferably with a large, reputable company.
  • Backups: The cloud must have a backup, whether it’s for data, emails, or a website. Many solutions are available. In our case, for example (though I admit it comes at a cost), each server is replicated daily with another service provider in a different country, and four times a year, we also perform a full download for archiving on physical media at our location… It might seem a bit much, but in 14 years, not a single client has lost anything :slight_smile:

I know this makes advices :wink: … But they’re easy to implement. Really, I recommend this approach.

Do you get a full backup with a database dump as well, so you can just spin up your own server? Or give it to a different hoster?

They don’t even give you 2 weeks to move everything, no time for preparation and then the services are not available all the time.
Unfortunately, the quality of a service becomes important when something is going wrong.

owncube told to give a link for a backup when needed. Just have to write a mail to them but i still didn’t get any answers

This is one of the reasons why I say to people to handle everything yourself. Never upload data to the cloud. Cloud is not a backup neither. I would suggest you buy hardware from eBay some R620s and start up yourself, buy the domain through a proper registrar. You’ll thank me later.

Many cannot install, configure and repair. The cloud is often more secure. But of course it’s true. A decent Nextcloud provider offers a downloadable database backup. Then you can use the local copy to restore it somewhere else with the same name in the event of an error. But vendor locks are financially more interesting for hosters than giving the user complete freedom. I know a provider who copies a daily database backup to the customer’s Nextcloud folder.

I would not say cloud is more secure. You don’t know what they are doing behind closed doors. Not only that you don’t know how they have configured it or how they have secured it down.

Got to remember. The cloud is using its customers as the products.

Well. Most people have been using email for 20 or 30 years now with some email hoster or other. Strictly speaking, there is no difference between email and the cloud. Personal data is processed in both cases. But email has been around for decades and that’s okay, of course. :wink:

Where do you host your emails?

I host email myself on my own Mail Servers, Switch about 6 years ago and never looked back, was having issues with SPAM and cold callers so built my own Servers on premises. Since switching to my own solution I no longer get SPAM neither cold callers, but the cold callers side of things just goes to show that Gmail & Outlook sells your data.

Was looking for a solution to backup our Phones both mine and partners Phones and other devices without using the Cloud so started using Nextcloud about 3 years in a Virtual Machine which worked perfect and still does but updating Nextcloud has a been a little hassle.


Hi try https://hostslim.nl/

I run it on a hosting account of 5 euro per month. Even calling with talk and meetings with up to 3 people kind of works.

assuming you moved your existing addresses to your own server, how are you blocking spam from senders who already have your email address? or did you have to abandon those addresses to get a “fresh start” on your own email server?

You don’t have the same email when you have your own mail server. Previous email gmail or outlook . com. I use SPAM Filters but I can also blacklist domains and TLDs. Don’t have issues with SPAM no longer. SPAM filters are also configured to blacklist domains that are flagged already. But I also use Geolocation blocking and block countries that I don’t need communication with. Mail solution is configured with allow and reject ACLs so if Domain isn’t in a ACL already it’ll be rejected.