OwnCube Server crash lost customer data, plus no backups available despite purchase


We have been with the hosting provider OwnCube for a few years.
For a few weeks now, some of their servers have crashed and are no longer recoverable.
The data is most likely gone although an extra backup plan was purchased.
But when the backups are on the same system as the live data (we were told by the operator after the crash), this is of course useless. In the internet reviews you can read about many affected people. Our boss now wants to call in a lawyer.
If anyone else would like to take legal actions, we could do it together.

Best regards!

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That is really bad.

I looked at the prices and what can I say? With a little common sense, you would see that this cannot work with a professional backup. This is not possible with these low prices.

He should do it. But it would be better to simply invest more money in the future.

I always say: The offer is only as cheap as the data is worth to you. The cheaper it is, the less your data is worth to you.

Are you talking about the incidents that are also described on Reddit? (Thread1, Thread2, Thread3) or here. Yes - a sad situation. We were also affected, but preferred to switch as quickly as possible.

Price is not the point, if they can offer lower prices, it is ok. High price does not guarantee anything. Point is that they do not capable to offer service that was paid even if it will cost 0,01 €.

Hi, I am also affected by the crash. In fact, I lost all my data the third time now within 3 years! The first time, I lost a lot of personal data, because i used owncube as an archive, unfortunately.

Are you pursuing legal action?

Just as a general note, Nextcloud is not a backup solution. And even for backup solutions, ideally, you don’t rely on a single backup. One can always fail, if it is a disk, a service, … these days some losses were reported in the news for a popular service.

Hopefully you learned after the first time that you had good backups the other times.

OwnCube also provides VPS which I am using as a restic target.

They lost it 3 times within 3 years which is not only annoying in terms of data loss, but also in terms of setting it up again every time.

  • They don’t adhere to SLAs: On top of losing data, their services have frequent downtimes, and the customer support reponses are delayed.
  • Apparently, they don’t adhere to best practices and run paid backups on the same storage backend, as mentioned by the OP.
  • They are sloppy when setting up services: Misconfigurations of DNS or the VPS NIC are common.
  • They are not proactive at all: They don’t inform about downtime, they don’t create a new instance when they lost it, and they ask for confirmation of every step - meanwhile, the customer is not getting any service.
  • And the cherry on top is that they are unfriendly and blame issues on the customer first.

Basically, you have to spoon feed them everything.

The company seems to consist only of the CEO Friedrich Stagl and his support dude or alter ego Nils Hofer.

Overall, very unprofessional and incompetent. To the point that NextCloud should clearly distance themselves from OwnCube on the partner page.

(Update: I paid once for a ‘lifetime special’ so I will continue using their service)


I don’t want to excuse anything here, but you should always have a local backup of the data you store in the cloud. Even Google has apparently lost data: Google Drive users angry over losing months of stored data

In order for this to happen three times, you had to choose twice to stay with that provider despite what happened :wink:

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That is probably true. But also note tflidd’s comment above is 100% true, so sorry if that is frustrating to consider in addition to this host’s actions.

I’m closing this thread because the frustrations are clear, and sorry to hear you both chose a host that hasn’t handled your data properly. Feel free to shift conversation to backup strategies or other topics we can assist with in regards to Nextcloud itself as a platform. Good luck!