OwnCloud to NextCloud Upgrade Considerations

I consider to upgrade from ownCloud 8.2.5 to nextCloud.

As I heard that the version 9 release of owncloud had serious problems with calendar and contacts, I’ve not upgraded so far.
Are those issues fixed in the current version of nextCloud and can I expect calendars and cardDav Contacts to work at least as good as before?

I also rely on IMAP authentication - anything to expect here?

All sync clients (owncloud clients) and external URLs (file shares, calendars, etc) are supposed to remain working as the API have not changed so far, right?

What is the recommended way to upgrade: I read about the upgrader script that is WIP and found the hint towards the manual upgrade - which way would you suggest?

thanks a lot fpr any feedback :slight_smile:


Hi Markus,

all I can say is, that I had no issue, whatsoever, migrating from ownCloud to nextCloud However, I am using LDAP instead of IMAP authentication and I am only using CalDAV, but all services continued to run properly after the upgrade.

Speaking of the upgrade: I used the manual one and it really had been very easy. The upgrader/update does very good job at the cli.

To be sure, and that’s of course a general advice, you should perfrom a full backup of your ownCloud installation, including the database, since there will be changes to the DB schema, which will not let you roll back - just as always when databases are involved.


I had some issues when upgrading from ownCLoud 8.2.5 to ownCloud 9.0.1 with contact images being lost and about 1/2 my contacts disappearing. I was getting error messages about illegal characters in the vcf file (I exported from 8.2.5, did a new install and tried to import them again)

When I upgraded to Nextcloud 9.0.51 (and subsequently to 9.0.52) I had no further issues, although it obviously didn’t fix the damage already done.

I am trying to stay on board with Owncloud or Nextcloud no matter which one good or bad I use it I thank it cool. All I need right if some can point me in the right direction on how to move over to Next-Could do that I can continue to use a great product.

With OC 9.0, cardDAV and calDAV moved to the core. The calendar and contact apps had to be rewritten. So they probably not all the functions of the old app (especially compared to the plus-apps) are implemented yet. The migration of the calendar and contacts can be tricky, so I would:

  • export calendars and contacts, so you can try to import them if there are problems
  • make a full backup, that you can revert to OC 8.2.x and wait until the problem was fixed (you should report it though).
  • Update to the latest version of 8.2.x first (currently 8.2.7)

The upgrade from OC 9.0.x to NC 9.0.x is like a minor update and less of a problem.

I finally did the upgrade and from what I can tell now, it seems to be working just fine.
I had the juggle a bit with the external authentication plugin, but opposed to the other thread, I did not have to copy anything.

Contacts and Calendars seems to be working fine, need to wait for some userfeedback, though. Fingers crossed nothing blows up now :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your feedback and support!

@eredwood007: To “move over” you just need to to an upgrade/update - it works as an “drop-in”.

update: Just noticed that I see duplicated user accounts in the admintstration overview, which worries me a bit.
Same username, but different fullname, group, quota, last login.
Any hints how to investigate that further?

Check the occ user:list to see if there have been new user accounts created. Remember, that each account has a unique uuid. If you’d see different uuids with different names, then there are actually different user accounts.

Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:
Seems like user:list ist not a valid command

sudo -u www-data php occ user:list
  Command "user:list" is not defined.                             
  Did you mean one of these?                                      

And user:report does not show the info I’m looking for - and confuses me even a bit more

| User Report      |    |
| Database         | 8  |
|                  |    |
| total users      | 8  |
|                  |    |
| user directories | 17 |

Without duplicates, I currently have 12 accounts where 2 are not via IMAP authentication - but those numbers do not match at all :wink:

Well… yes… :wink:

Which version are you running? Mine ist NC10b. And it supports:

sudo -u www-data php occ user:list


Then it seems to be a NC10 feature, migrated to 9.0.53 :wink: