Outlook plugin not fully translated to German

@usselite can you please also translate:
a) the Cancel button to "Abbrechen"
b) the text in the email (only the “Kein Passwort” / “Kein Ablaufdatum” are in German now)

It also would be nice if “Dateien” fits instead of only “eien” (if you don’t reproduce it, please try to change your display settings from 100% to 125% and log on and off again)

@Furty thanks for the feedback. I made the titles fitting, it auto-sizes now properly. The translation for the cancel button is added and to select files translations is shortened up.

and in a more general thought: why not making the add-in ready to be completely translated by the nextcloud-group in transifex?

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thanks @usselite - is the new build already available for testing?
Could you also translate the email text?

@JimmyKater I still have to look into it.

@Furty Nextcloud is currently testing it. I haven’t translated the e-mail tekst yet.

Adding it to Transifex will improve translation and multiply localisation.

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Is there any ongoing development of this add in? The problem with big files still exists.

Latest release is from last october.
See https://download.nextcloud.com/outlook/20171024/

Still strings are not at Transifex.

Is there a repo for this plugin? @jospoortvliet can you help here?

Don’t think it is public.
Had a quick look on the web, but no result.

it’s not public b/c it’s made from a payapp.

The add-in is not open-source. Some of the scaling issues for long text has been solved in newer builds. I send a request to Jos to upload the new builds to the downloads page from Nextcloud.