Opening file out of search result does not work - Error: File not found


I installed Nextcloud 13.0.0 under Debian on my PI3. If I use the fulltextsearch to locate files I am not able to open them from the search result. I just see the error message “File not found.”

Installed Apps:

  • Full text search - Elasticsearch Platform (BETA) 0.5.1
  • Full text search - Files (BETA) 0.5.0
  • Full text search (BETA) 0.5.1

If I click on the document that is found the system generates the following link, which then results into the error message “File not found.”


Does anyone has an idea what might be wrong?

Thanks a lot.

It’s probably this:

yes, it looks like as if this is the same issue. Then I have to wait for the update.