Open source platforms that play nice with Nextcloud!

Do you have any Open Source platforms that you like to use alongside Nextcloud?
Please edit this wiki post and add them. Thanks!

  • Name - Description.
    • Any specific features worth mentioning
  • Hubzilla - Federated Social Network that supports ActivityPub, Diaspora, CalDAV, CarDAV, and WebDAV file storage.
    • Born from Friendica and created by same developer.
  • Rclone - Supports most all storage platforms, allowing you to flexibly mount them within your cloud.
  • Wallabag - Read-It-Later platform that makes it easy to import and save your bookmarks offline, similar to
  • Archivebox - Python-coded platform for archiving every file and link you find online.
  • Matomo - Google Analytics alternative, formerly called Piwiki, that is supported by Nextcloud through this app
  • Youtube-DL Material Design - responsive webapp which supports downloading media from hundreds of websites and can be integrated into Nextcloud via ocDownloader app.
  • Tiddlywiki - Simple wiki solution as selfcontained html file that can be synced within Nextcloud
  • Jellyfin - Fully open source fork of Emby, which directly completes with Plex and offers cross Platform clients for all devices and platforms. Movie, Music and Photo management + Transcoding. Host your own private Netflix.
  • Kodi - Multimedia frontend on any computer or arm device. Can serve multimedia and games directly from WebDAV, Samba, NFS, etc. Runs well on almost any platform, including directly from your computer. A selfhosted variation of an AppleTV or Roku or Firestick device.
  • Mailu - Simple docker-based Email Server, which integrates via External Users app.
  • Mail-in-a-box - Email server designed on top of a stripped down Nextcloud image specifically developed for low memory Ubuntu VPS systems. The project does not support system modification of any kind and solely focuses on up-time.
    • Federation for files, Calendar and Contacts supported.
  • Mailcow - Powerful Email Server built with excellent Spam Filtering and includes Nextcloud as an optional script.
  • RSS Bridge - Convert tons of sites, including Facebook and Twitter, into multimedia-rich RSS Feeds for the News app. Many public instances available online.
  • Searx - Search engine, which can obfuscate results from Google, Yahoo, Bing, DDG and many other providers. Allows search results to be subscribed to as RSS and includes powerful API.
  • - Drop-in replacement for Slack, which allows attachments to be stored as WebDAV Storage + allows authentication via Oauth or LDAP. Integrates with Jitsi, Etherpad, BigBlueButton, Matterbridge, Nextcloud Talk. Can scale up to hundreds of thousands of users as you can see in their public instance.
  • Etherpad Lite - Collaborative documentation platform, which can integrate via the Ownpad app. Very easy to use and includes full chat integration. Fully customizable and integrates into most open source projects: Jitsi, Matrix, Discourse,, etc.
  • Home Assistant - home automation tool, so you can automate every smart tool in your house from the temperature and your nc user account to the garage door, plus look at pretty graphs and data over time.
  • Zulip Chat - Company/Team chat system, self hosted (Docs), multi-threads (one thread per topic), can basically handle all company communication

I’ll add that Kodi’s ability to stream media from a WebDAV server works very well with Nextcloud. My family regularly streams media stored in group folders this way, and it works remarkably well considering WebDAV is known for performance and compatibility issues.

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i don’t know if all play nice with nc…

in case there is an awesome list for everthing.