Open resty error, still

what is this and how do i stop it. it is nonstop happening and all i do is power off and power on and it works.

the pic wont upload

like it literally needs to stop

i will pay anyone of you to fix this

mission critical

These sorts of posts are frustrating because you shared no information. We are all volunteers and only can assist technical, accurate info.

What is resty? What are you trying to accomplish?

Please fill out the full #support form and add real details to your post. This will walk you through adding error logs.

How you think i feel and why are you asking me what resty is? I have no idea either. What am i accomplishing? Trying to use next cloud

Please fill out the linked support template for your post so we can assist you. Thanks.

You can also use an external photo service and add the link here if that helps.

Not great I asume, but it won’t get any better if you not at least try to put a little more effort into your posts. If you were asking me, you’re lucky to get any responses at all to your one-liners… Yeah, you didn’t ask me, I know…

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Problem is that we don’t know either. It depends a bit where you see this error, perhaps it is related to your system, or you use an app that not everybody knows, … therefore we have the support template to provide a bit more information and context. When and where do you see the error?

If it’s this, it has nothing to do with Nextcloud and can’t be supported here…