Open files via local nextcloud client instead of webdav

Nextcloud 20.0.06 running on a local Synology NAS
Firefox and Nextcloud client on Windows 10

Stored links in Deck should allow to detect and open local files in Nextcloud for editing.
A link in Deck points to the webdav url of the files in my Nextcloud portal.

In order to edit the files it seems to be reasonable to open the files by accessing the local nextcloud folder instead.
Currently i read the location and navigate manually in my Windows Explorer. Possible - but not nice.

Is there a best practice to achieve that goal automatically? That may require a plugin or some environment variable pointing to the local nextcloud folder, e.g. ncdoc: %userprofile%\Nextcloud\ (?)

The title above was my search string in Google for the task, but the hits didn’t help me. Possibly I have overseen something.

And no, I do not have Collabora or Onlyoffice installed. That could be a procedure for specific office documents only.