Open Discussion: how can Mozilla improve their support for self-hosting?

Here is a link to the Reddit conversation thread from the selfhosting channel. Please share and re-post this discussion anywhere you see fit! Basic info is:

Here is the Mozilla Sync-dev mailing list to see past conversation on this topic over the last month. Your input is greatly appreciated, and the Mozilla team is interested to hear more specific input from the community. Also interesting to improve our options in the wake of Xmarks shutting down.

  • Are you currently self-hosting Mozilla Sync 1.5?
  • Are you hosting an older sync engine from Mozilla despite lack of support?
  • Are you hosting some other bookmarks or authentication service with Firefox, such as Shiori, Shaarli, Nextcloud Bookmarks, Floccus, Freedommarks?
  • Are you self-hosting an alternative to Mozilla’s Read-it-Later service Pocket, such as Shiori or Wallabag?
  • Are you self-hosting by a method not listed here? Please share your thoughts

I’d like for posters in Bring Firefox Sync Back to post their thoughts as well.

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