Onlyoffice vs Collabora CODE or Collabora community server


I am new to next cloud, but not new to such platforms and even once tired own cloud so can say would find hands on easy at next cloud.

I want some guide lines and advice which is better only office or collabora.

I have checked lot of comparison over net but all I feel give unclear idea.

I want to select one on basis of which uses less resources and work well with limited hardware resource.

Please help.

You can install both at the same time and check for yourself. The differences are not that big.

“Differences” here are a bit subjective. I have experience with both, and the differences are vast. So I think it would be safer to say “install both, and see which features you are looking for”.

@patelbhavin you can use my playbook to install nc + both online office suites in less the 10 minutes (depends on the internet connection of your machine).
just edit the inventory file appropriated. and - if you use a virtualbox, vmware or cloud machine - take a disc greater than 16GB. the two docker images need place. :wink:

Just guessing based on their technical inner workings:
For a single simultaneous user it is probably about the same, for multiple users on the same document Collabora might have a slight edge, for multiple users on multiple documents OnlyOffice will probably win by quite a margin (as it offloads much more work to the client PC).

P.s.: Etherpad will be much faster if that’s your main concern. See: Etherpad/Ethercalc with Ownpad is much better than people think!

Thanks everyone one for reply…

My thoughts is clear to select among two… I want to select one which consume less server resource say for 25 30 users …

Can I ask specific server resource required for above number of users… like for 25 to 30 user how much resource required for only office vs how much for collabora…

Is it possible to install only only office or collabora with this script as next cloud already installed

It’s easier to follow the how from Carsten.

but for testing I would recomment a digital ocean droplet and/or AWS EC2 spot instance. both some cent per hour.

The standard CODE docker image for Collabora is limited to 20 simultaneous users (or 20 simultaneous documents open? Not sure). So unless you want to change the code, it will not be easy to host collabora for that many users. However one of the reasons for this limit is that anything above that will require a really high powered server as Collabora does all the work on the server side and only sends rendered tiles to the thin clients. Try opening 30 documents on LibreOffice on your Desktop PC to get an idea how much RAM/CPU it will require :stuck_out_tongue:

The standard docker image of OnlyOffice also has some limits, but I think these were recently changed? However in general with this many simultaneous users OnlyOffice will pretty surely perform much better than Collabora.

The Docker image for CODE also allows to activate a status/monitor page where one can easily check the resource usage per instance/opened document.