OnlyOffice removed Web/mobile editing from version 5.5.0 of Community Document Server

Here is the error:


Oh great :clap:
Now it’s clear that OnlyOffice trapped user with a free feature for a limited time before getting a pay feature.
Hop this bad move will make users quite nervous and will make Nextcloud Inc. to stop advertising on OnlyOffice part of Nc Hub.


So removing features is really not a cool thing to do, and if we can fix that, we will. We will have to discuss this…

But a patch that fixes this from anyone who can build such a patch (using code from the previous version perhaps) would be welcome and most likely accepted.


Here you go:


Thank you so much.

I hope that now they won’t hard code in the next updates something at break this reverse patch.

thanks! That’s a useful link :smiley:

Perhaps we can fork it.
ONLYOFFICE/web-apps is AGPL 3.0 :wink:


To paraphrase Darth Vader, “We are altering the deal. Pray we do not alter it further.”


Nextcloud policy with regards to incorporating open core (aka freemium) services was outlined by Frank Karlitschek in this podcast (in German; start at 39:30)

Bottom line:

  • We have most pieces to compete with Microsoft and Google
  • We need office. Looked into doing ourselves. Can’t afford it.
  • Have to partner with others. They have different business models.
  • We strive to do everything 100% open source.
  • But have limited influence on our partners’ business models…

Last remarks on the topic
Interviewer: Sometimes we have to accept non-perfect solution
F. Karlitschek: You can put it this way…


Perfect solution is maybe helping LibreOffice to do what OnlyOffice does.
Maybe we should start a funding for making this true…


The “responsible” way would be to buy them (like Sun Micro did OpenOffice).
The “wild-west” way would be to fork it and open source 100%…

Both require funds and commitments that Nextcloud can’t afford at the moment (I understand)…

A friendly conversation might go a long way as well.


Open source it to some extend akin religion…
And except for some televangelists, this activity does not pay the bills.

So, open source is a very good starting place, lowers the barrier of entry.
But eventually everyone wants to make money, the more the better.
Market economy 101…

Best example - Red Hat. Started in the heydays of the Nasdaq “exuberance”.
Nothing but Linux… And 20 years later sold to IBM for $34 Billion.
American success story…

Nextcloud and OnlyOffice have the same goals.
Even more so now since their products are getting “traction”.
Can’t blame them…

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Believe me, I’m trying :stuck_out_tongue: but no promises…


Maybe not a popular opinion here, but perhaps they can look at a different business model for Mobile Apps. End-user pays. I would gladly pay $2 for an App which does full mobile editing of Office apps. OnlyOffice server part can still be open sourced and others are free to develop their own mobile App and maintain it if they like. Both Nextcloud and OnlyOffice happy?


Yes. But please not only a paid app. A paid app for OnlyOffice-Use and a non-paid app for use without OnlyOffice. Thanks.

Looking at the OO site I can see this (below).
What exactly does Mobile web applications mean?

If it means instances running on mobile OS devices - Android, iOS - then I don’t really mind.
I don’t believe in productive work on smartphones and tablets, even 6"+ screens with keyboard.

If it means any instance running in the browser, then that’s a bummer…

It happens in the Nextcloud App, mobile browsers and their mobile apps. This is a really nasty move a few weeks after the release of Nextcloud Hub to be honest.

@jospoortvliet You should consider re-adding support for Collabora to your clients if this doesn’t work out very well.


Wording from OnlyOffice is confusing… title updated to reflect this directly impacts the web client by making it view only. @henry

Well, looks exactly like Microsoft Office apps: viewers are free and editors are not.
At least on my Chrome laptop…

It’s time to try compiling OO 5.5 including the non-editing fix from github (above).
I wouldn’t be surprised if that does not work anymore…:slight_smile:

It boils down to what CERN is warning about in their MALT project:

avoid simply seeking 1-to-1 replacements and falling in the trap of inferior copies