OnlyOffice or Collabora?

I know, that this is not satisfiying, but this is the way it is with all sync-solutions… - none of them provides this, as they’re not designed for that. It’s not even a fault of NC - you get reliable file-locking only with dedicated file servers. You might get lucky with WebDAV, but I haven’t tried that eiher, because no one can/will guarantee that locks will work reliably over WebDAV.

So yes, it’s that daunting thing of educating one’s users.

of all what was said, what is still applicable, what need to be update or extended by taking into accout


But in my current installation (i did it on Jun’28 2019, so 2 days ago) the icons look very good. Well, they are minimalist style, but they don’t look blurry. The screenshot is on Iridium Browser.

I think that “your” problem is with the ZOOM applied by browser. Let me explain: after write my above paragraph i visited the same Nextcloud-OnlyOffice document using Firefox browser, and eppp… the icons were blurry. Then i realized that in Firefox i’ve applied a DEFAULT zoom of 110% to my pages… so, when i have returned the zoom for that page to 100% then icons looked perfectly sharp.

Conclusion: i suspect that button-icons used by OnlyOffice are not SVG like in Nextcloud, but PNG/GIF.

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This last weekend i got to install OnlyOffice on a second VPS. I had an VPS on DreamCompute (a cloud service of Dreamhost, similar to Amazon EC, but more opensource lovers! :wink: ) with Nextcloud installed. And using the same DreamCompute account i installed a second VPS, both with ONLY 1Gb of RAM !!?? and Ubuntu 18.04 as OS.

I can assure to you that both runs perfectly. I pointed one subdomain to one VPS ( and another subdomain to the other one ( Installed the APP of OnlyOffice in Nextcloud, and put the second subdomain on settings. Voilà!

I’ve being monitoring the resources consuming of both VPS while opening a couple of documents, and it is surprisingly encouraging: they usually don’t need more than 500Mb of RAM, and the CPU use is very low.

I wanted to share this info because if you go to official OnlyOffice documentation they say that you need at least 2Gb of RAM, ideally 4-6Gb. And it’s not true, at least for a Nextcloud instance FOR PERSONAL USE.

In my tests (i installed 4 times NC) i discovered that NC cannot run with only 500Mb, at least need 1Gb. But certainly i have not tested yet if both suites (NC and OO) could work on a same 1GB VPS. I think so, but i see on OO VPS that node.js consume permanently resources… so i think that it could interfere with NC normal run.

Said this, i was reading a lot when i had to choose between OnlyOffice and Collabora Online. I understood that Collabora Online is more near to NC project, but the main reason to choose OnlyOffice was this: Collabora Online suite do the hard work on the server side, meanwhile OO is the user’s browser what do the hard work, loading javascript components and using server only for load tasks or saving changes.

I know that both projects are continually and intensively changing each month, and maybe this is not true already. If you have new info about it, i will be happy to read it. Thanks.

Note: at DreamCompute it cost $6USD/month each VPS (not administrated!), and they include free 100Gb of cloud storage in your account for all of your VPS. Hehehe, sorry, i don’t work for Dreamhost, by sincerely this people has my respect. They are “little company” (now medium, probably) of students lovers of opensource, in fact, one of the founders is the main developer of CEPH filesystem, the best opensource cloud FS today. So they are a good travel partner for “nextclouders” :wink:

Let me share with you my refererred link to him: DreamHost webpage.

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Thanks for the stats, both improved greatly on usability and ressource consumption, so in my opinion it’s now more a personal preference, as the difference is reducing.

could you please verify this ?

Collabora Online suite do the hard work on the server side, meanwhile OO is the user’s browser what do the hard work, loading javascript components and using server only for load tasks or saving changes.

Because when I look at screenshot, in ubuntu@office is CPU on 100%, and in ubuntu@nextcloud where is Collabora, is CPU idle.

Isn’t it vice versa ?


I want to make you aware of the fact that the developers of OnlyOffice seem to be removing existing features from the open source version after some time. (OnlyOffice removed Web/mobile editing from version 5.5.0 of Community Document Server)
Interestingly, I didn’t find any note or announcement about this from the devs. It just happened all of a sudden.

With this happening behind the scenes you’ll never know what they are going to cut next. I’ll consider if I want to rely on devs with such practices.


They removed the features beforehand and now they made a blog post on their site after quite some outrage:

Am I imagining things? Mobile editing seems to be working again for OO community edition through the OO apps on Android and iOS, but not through the Nextcloud apps. Can someone else check please? I’m cautiously optimistic.

OO Document Server version
OO Community Server version

OO Android version 4.0.0 - editing reenabled
OO iOS version 6.1 - editing reenabled

NC Android version 3.11.0 - viewing only
NC iOS version 2.25.9 - viewing only

EDIT: Working for word processor, spreadsheet, but not presentations on both Android and IOS OO apps.

I will say 3 things on this.

  • My server with NC 17, Collabora, coTURN, MariaDB, Redis, and an Apache reverse proxy is consuming 1.3 GB RAM.
  • Collabora is lacking some core features, such as being able to drag/rearrange spreadsheet rows/columns.
  • I was really looking forward to the OO integration in NC 18, however now I refuse to use it due to the stealth removal of features right after NC released the integrated document server. I will not support a company that paywalls existing features from open source software.

Read the previous post. I’m waiting on confirmation, or otherwise, from other NC-OO users. If it’s working for others, it may be that Ascensio System SIA are ready to reverse their decision on mobile editing, but there’s no official announcement yet.

They won’t reverse they will provide a cheaper edition for contributors that will allow 10 connections and the mobile edit

I can’t explain why mobile editing on OO apps is working for me today, but not in the preceeding days. Something has changed.

EDIT: I’m not a contributer.

For the contributors they get a licence for the OnlyOffice Document server that will allow editing files inside Nextcloud.

You are talking about the separate app that isn’t convenient at all because you leave the Nc app for editing.

It wasn’t working for me in the separate apps in the preceding days either. That was one of the first things I tested to see if I could circumvent the NC app restriction. If I have to leave the NC app to use the OO app for mobile editing, I can live with that.

They opened the edition on OO app because it will be a non-sense to don’t do it.
Microsoft apps don’t accept editing for a while on non-subscribers users on mobile. What the point to download the OO app if it will also need subscription for editing.

Confirmed, editing inside the app works again. What a bunch of looney tunes… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Android App Version 4.0.0 Build 192. It seems like the editing isn’t done on the server side anymore, but directly inside the client.

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I wouldn’t get too excited until there’s an official announcement. The OO website still says mobile viewers only so it could be that something ‘broke’ and it’s to our advantage for the moment.

I was of the understanding that editing was done on client side for OnlyOffice (thick client) and on the server side for Collabora (thin client).

Can someone on the forum from OO confirm one way or the other please about the status of mobile editing for Collabora CODE?

The text for the mobile app on the Play Store doesn’t mention any restrictions and it would be a bit silly to restrict mobile editing on a cloud storage while still allowing editing on local storage (where you could download a file from the Nextcloud client and then reupload it or directly access the Nextcloud folder through the files app). Sure, no collaboration features then but at least mobile editing.

My concern is that what was taken away once could just as easily be taken away again. An official word would ally my concerns and clarify the current situation.