Onlyoffice not Update time/date

If you Update a file vía OnlyOffice, date and time si not updated.
Client sync thoes not detectó change. The file si not synced, and can be overwriterd.


Hello @Cayetano_Gomez!
This is a peculiarity of working NextCloud with OnlyOffice - time of last editing updates only after page refreshing. We will take this moment into consideration.
Thank you for the interest in OnlyOffice.

Hi @JohnPerkin,
what do you mean with “updates only after page refreshing”? In my tests the timestamp does not update at all. Neither if I refresh the OnlyOffice page nor by refreshing the Nextcloud files page.

Sorry, just saw that this thread is 3 years old… date format is a bit strange to me :slight_smile:
But I still have this issue. Is it still not solved or do I have to do some magic configuration?
I read the same issue in another thread: Date and time information of the file does not change

Issue is solved. You have to wait for several minutes until the file is updated. Reason: OnlyOffice stores the changes first in the document server which then later updates the file in nextcloud after all tabs of the browser are closed (and also after that it can take some more minutes).
I found this explanation here: