Date and time information of the file does not change

Users edit and save files on NC by apps like Collabora, Text and Notes. But the user is saving, but the timestamp of the file does not change. It remains the same as before.

That’s the correct timeline for the activity, and the record is kept in the correct time frame. But the version has no record of it.

There’s nothing wrong with saving the file itself. Is there a way to correctly reflect/record the date/time information in the file?

Nextcloud 19, PHP 7.3.19, Nginx 1.16.1, MariaDB 10.2.32, CentOS 7.7

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I encounter the same issue with the OnlyOffice app. It results in the fact that the file is not automatically synced to the clients as they “think” that the file did not change (at least this is my understanding).

Issue is solved. You have to wait for several minutes until the file is updated. Reason: OnlyOffice stores the changes first in the document server which then later updates the file in nextcloud after all tabs of the browser are closed (and also after that it can take some more minutes).
I found this explanation here: