OnlyOffice cURL Error 28 since Nextcloud 18.0.2


Since NC 18.2 my Onlyoffice is not working anymore.
I use the Nextcloud VM. Is there any known issue?
I checked already the forum, but nothing helped.
When I open Onlyoffice will show me that all is fine (“Document Server is running”).

When I click on save, this error appear:

No ideas? I had before problems with OnlyOffice and a new install of nextcloud helped, but now I do not want to reinstall.


So this is specifically a save error? Are you using the community server? What happens if you upgrade to 18.0.3?

Berfore OnlyOffice was just not working. Then I clicked save to fix the problem and then all OnlyOffice settings were gone and this error appear. I am already on 18.0.3.

I’ve heard that the document_server could be a bit buggy. It’s still quite new, so don’t have too high hopes.

I’m sure it will be sorted in a future version. There have already been several fixes to make it more stable, and there’s more to come. :slight_smile:

What you could do is to run /var/scripts/ and try to reinstall it, it might help.