OnlyOffice compiled with Mobile Edit Back

No, not in the web interface, but you can download the dedicated mobile apps and their source-code appears to be finally available on their github.

In my instance I use self-signed certificate. In web the editor is opened without keyboard, while mobile app doesn’t allow to connect to my Nextcloud or OnlyOffice with the error SSL handshake error. Searching web I found that the self-signed certs are not supported by mobile app. bump (

Hi All, I’ve compiled version 7.2.1 . I’m testing it and seems to work fine.
I’ve made it public and dockerized too.
What’s strange is that in web-apps mobile folder seems empty.

docker pull
docker pull thomisus/onlyoffice-documentserver-unlimited:latest

My setup is everything in a docker compose file with traefik reverse proxy.


I tested the docker and it works with NC24 on my browser, that 's fine.
But if you open the documents on the tablet od on iphone, you get the following error message: Cannot GET /web-apps/apps/documenteditor/mobile/index_loader.html

So the container is not for mobile users, they cannot view oder edit the documents in the cloud. Any ideas for solution?

Regards Sebastian

I know, I’m looking into it… For some reasons web apps are not built/copied to the right folder. As soon as I find a solution I’ll update the docker.

thank you, would you also post here for a change, i will text you.

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Can you please try pulling the new docker image and let me know if everything works?


After first look at it everything seems to work.

Hey Thomios,

Desktop Version is working fine.
Opening on Mobile Phone / Tablet with Browser, you can see the Document, but you cannot edit it.
Opening with the Nextcloud App, first it is loading onlyoffice, but then you get an error from nextcloud: document not found. (okay, that seems to be a problem with the nextcloud app, happens now also with onlyoffice6.4)

Regards. When i can help you with logs etc., please write me.

Can you please describe your setup? Maybe I can help.
I tried with 2 different setups and everything is working as intended.

  1. nextcloud + onlyoffice everything in a docker-compose.yml and I can edit from mobile browser and mobile app.
  2. onlyoffice community workspace and I can edit from mobile browser.
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