Official Nextcloud Android app is horror - any forks or alternatives?

Hi guys,
there are 1k open issues in github and I have many bugs and problems with the official nextcloud android app. I think some design decisions are horrible. The app is a real pain…to name a few:

  • Navigation in file app does not show any path. Going back requires constant click on back arrow.
  • Upload is sometimes just stopping or having strange issues while native webdav clients never had any problems.
  • Scrolling nicely through pictures with big thumbnails only possible in “media” area of app, but then only the latest uploaded - no folder structure to navigate.
  • Auto upload is not uploading pictures after I had changed the folder on server.
  • The android app consumes a lot battery energy.

The list is not complete.

Does someone know a good alternative? Maybe a fork that solves some of the issues?