Official Moodle + Nextcloud integration

HI all,

I’m the founder of Moodle, the open source learning platform.

We just recently added G-Suite/Office365 to Moodle 3.3, for practical reasons.

However I would very much like to see an officially supported integration with NextCloud for those who want a fully open solution for files, media, calendar etc. WebDAV works somewhat, I know, but it’s not ideal and we could make a much better custom solution I’m sure.

Our tracker ticket is here:

I’d appreciate from here who is interested to contribute, to do so on that tracker issue. Initially we need some brainstorming on the integration points, then we can discuss the coding work after that.

Regards and thanks for such a good open project in Nextcloud.


I have my mind set in making NextCloud LTI capable so it can be accessed via Moodle (which is LTI capable). So NextCloud would rather be a view from Moodle to a file structure than a Moodle repository.

I just released a Repository plugin to let your users access their Nextcloud files from Moodle, using the oauth2 admin tool plugin from pssl16; full instructions are available on

I will try to put both plugins on the Moodle plugins directory next week.

Very interesting. I’ll try that this weekend to test it.

I would love to see an integration of NextCloud in Moodle!!!
I would also like to see an integration of Office 365 (as an alternative to Collabora Office) in NextCloud!

Nextcloud, Moodle and 4 other partners announce Education Edition

:smile: This is a very good news. I am so happy about it! :smile:

Jan (IGS Lengede, Germany)

We published a survey of some possible approaches we used in the years trying to get the best of Moodle and Nextcloud working together. The survey comes in the form of a Moodle course showing how to use Nextcloud to host Elearning contents. The course is available either as a set of SCORM webinars here or as a set of videos in this playlist here.