Official guide for Nextcloud (24) Office?

Is there any official guide for getting “Office Document Editing” working properly in Nextcloud 24? I seem to have run into a number of different issues with the various “solutions” provided (among them was bricking the installation, having to resort to CLI to disable / remove apps).

This is for a rather simple and straightforward environment with Nginx, PHP 7.4.x, MySQL, etc.

There are multiple office suites. Try reading the documentation on whichever you use (Collabora, OnlyOffice) from their github repos and from their websites.

You can also internet search or forum search with keywords to learn more.

Thank you, and I do understand that there’s a lot of information available here, and elsewhere. The problem is trying to make any sense of the hundreds of threads discussing Collabora, OnlyOffice, and issues with Nextcloud.

Many users have problems with Nextcloud 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24, in regards to “Office”-integration and real-time editing/collaboration with Collabora/OnlyOffice.

Articles like these don’t help either:

Did you actually try one of these solutions yourself? People that are are asking for help in a forum are obviously doing this because they ran into some kind of issue. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that these issues affect the majority of users…

I would start with the Built-in Collabora server, which you can install with just one click. Well technically it’s two clicks, because you have to install two apps…

  1. The Built-in CODE Server:

  1. Nextcloud Office app for the frontend:

And if you are running into a problem with it, you can always come back here and describe the specific issue you’re facing and / or check out other options. But for a rather small setup with only a few users this should actually work pretty well.

Btw. The article your linked to is from 2020. They have improved the built-in CODE server quite a bit since that article was releasd.

I have tried to get this working on a NC24 instance. After a while, the server stops responding, maxes out on DB connections, etc. None of which should happen. Disabling the Nextcloud Office App and CODE, etc. immediately remedies the problem. I have no idea what the reason is (the Nextcloud logs are quite messy), but it’s not behaving like it should for some reason.

INextcloud Office is Collabora Online and not OnlyOffice. But i think you can install all of them. You should always write what you really mean.

You can test Nextcloud Office on . But you must register with an email for an 60 minutes test account. It used to be nicer when you could just create a 60 minute account without registering. Why is that no longer available?

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