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Hi Everybody,
I am using Obsidian and I am having issues too many times about the synchronisation between devices. In this case I am using a PC and a Laptop. Both with the Windows Clients v3.7.4.
I have very often duplicates and Problems by the syncronisation.

I am thinking about other solutions.

Is there a way to fix this. I know that changing markdown files can happen every second but It doesn’t that the user should have so many problems.

Maybe there is an easy solution. Thank you in Advance. Have a nice evening.


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Hi @Michael_KasseStimmt,
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Hi @Michael_KasseStimmt

I know that’s probably not what you want to hear, but Obsidian is not really designed to work with 3rd party server backends and synchronization tools. If you search for “Obsidian” and “Synchronisation” in this forum and also in the wider internet, you will find tons of forum posts and blog posts from people who have issues with Obsidian in combination with 3rd party sync tools. Some of them are using quite adventurous workarounds in order to synchronize their Obsidian data to multiple devices. So this issue is not limited to Nextcloud at all.

I think you have three choices here:

  • You google you’re way through, and with enough thinkering you might get it working, but probably not without occasional hick-ups. Do a separate backup of your Obsidian data if you decide to so!

  • Use the Sync Service of Obsidian. Yeah, I know, It costs money and you have to trust them that they have implemented the encryption right and won’t leak your data. But that’s just the way it is if you are using properitary software and services.

  • Use another tool that is open source and officially supports Nextcloud as a backend, like e.g Joplin. Yes I know that Obsidian has some unique features that Joplin doesn’t have.

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Hi @bb77,

thank you very much for your reply.

Yes, I thought about all what you wrote down.

I was thinking about the Sync Services of Obsidian as well. If It costs and it works, it doesn’t matter, but the possibility about leaks of my data could be an issue for me.

I spoke with our IT-Admin. He said, that a customer of us said, that with the Version 25.0.3 there are less problems with syncronisations. We still use the version 25.0.2. Maybe the update will also help. I hope so.

Joplin or Logseq are also great tools. I know, but I am really happy with Obsidian and I would like to find the best solution for this tool.

I was hoping to find here THE solution, but I understand how difficult it is to keep up with the syncronisation, when so many files update theirselves in so short time. Github was also an Idea, but I will try again with nextcloud and with the new version on the server. We will see, how it works.

Thank you again. I appreciate that you took time to write those suggestions down.

Have a nice day.


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I don’t think there are such huge improvements from 25.0.2 to 25.0.3… the root cause of the issue is your application changes files locally much faster than the sync to the 2 devices you own can follow. Maybe you could change the approach - e.g. if you work on one system at the same time stopping Obsidian on inactive device could help already (so you have only one active sync at time).

If it’s enough to have one instance of the application active at the same time you could mount you NC via webdav and store the files there. Most applications don’t like concurrent access to it’s files - here you need to stop the application when you stop using a device as well but you have consistent storage on Nextcloud usable from both devices (but this approach definitely doesn’t scale well)

Thank you @wwe

Yes, I thought that this is the problem. You are right. I saw that if I use Obsidian just on one Device, it works good. My problem is that, sometimes I am in a meeting, I take my laptop and I work on it and on my main PC ist Obsidian still running. I will try to be careful and do as suggested and have always just one instance open. I think it should be doable. On my 2 devices I always leave Obsidian to start automatically. On my phone I start it only when I have to, because I do not have my laptop by me. I will change my approach and I will hope to see the improvements of the syncronisation.

Thank you for your time. Your comment is really appreciated. Have a wonderful day.

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Hi @Michael_KasseStimmt,
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