Notifications only for posts in selected languages?

I know the forum software probably isn’t designed with our particular multi-lingual use-case in mind, but here we are.

I’m subscribed both to ‘News’ and ‘Releases’, and I’m happy to get notifications about both… so long as the posts are in the only language I can read! I’m seeing a lot of recent posts in the ‘News’ category - far more than usual - for other languages, which is great for them, but is just noise to me.

Is it feasible to separate ‘News’ into separate languages and let folks subscribe to their own? Alternately, would publishing each translation of a given post all together in a single thread be workable, so everyone gets only the one notification? Is there some other feature or option I’m missing?

I can continue to sift through each notification, but figured I may as well ask!

Edit: As seen here:

The forum moderators already notified the Nextcloud staff and they are currently looking into it, if they post in the dedicated language forums or if they find another solution.

Thanks. I linked the one place I saw it discussed - I didn’t see any response I could tell as from NC staff, and figured the “Meta” category was the best place to put the question.