Notifications by Nextcloud client for MS Windows about synchronisation activity (“Synchronisierungsaktivität”)

This is English version of the thread

I use Nextcloud Desktop Client in version 3.4.1 (Windows) with windows-10.0.17763.

The client regularly (sometimes every minute) generates a message about synchronisation activity (with German locale “Synchronisierungsaktivität”) in the bottom right corner of the monitor. The messages are shown for about 2 seconds and come with an acoustic jingle.

Here is an example:

password: “Synchronisierungsaktivitaet+1”
The link is valid for 6 months.

I do not see what information for the user those messages contain. Why to harass the users with synchronisation activity for single files?

In Windows settings I can deactivate all messages from Nextcloud app. Or I can just turn off the jingle.

I could not find an option to configure notifications within Nextcloud client.

Is the user able to configure in detail, what events the user wants to be noticed about, what notification facilities to use (log file, activity protocol in main window, Windows notifications) and how often messages should be triggered?

I would suggest there is some message classification (Facility und Severity Level as known from Syslog) and the user can configure what notification facilities and what notification level to use.

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