Notification when a favorite file changed

Hi there

I’m using NC version 22.2.3

And i’m looking to get notify when a favorite file has changed.

I’ve seen several topics talking about the option “a favorite file or folder has changed” :

However on that “activity” settings page, I cannot see such item. There’s only options for “regular” file/folder.

What did I miss ?! :frowning:

Any help would be more than appreciate

Thanks for any tips !

nobody for any help ?!

Hello, did anybody face the same issue? I am facing it as well.

I do not have the option for notification of modification on favorite file.

Hey @spacezmonkey

thanks for your message, I feel a little bit less alone on here …

but still no answer from anybody … :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

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Hi @nickvergessen @szaimen ,

I saw your name on discussions about activity and some options we’re talking about here.
would you be abble to help on this please ?


See The setting was then removed with because it doesn’t work…

thanks for the answer @szaimen !

so there’s no more option to get notify only for files/folders that the user will have flagged as favourite !?

the only way is to get notification for all files (which makes no sense for me, except being spam every minute :slight_smile: )


Seems like but I think you shouldn’t get notifications for your own changes either way…

Notifications for own file charges were turned off with version 20 on. I don’t think their coming back. I’m sticking with 19.