Notes Android 3.0 - tables, images & nested checkboxes with new Markdown engine

We are proud to announce the release of Nextcloud Notes Android 3.0 #apps:notes ! :partying_face:


  • :heart: Heart surgery: Replace RxMarkdown with Markwon
  • :chart_with_upwards_trend: Render markdown tables
  • :framed_picture: Display images in view mode¹
  • :white_check_mark: Support for multi level checkboxes

¹ For now only images from compatible server setups, we will continue to improve this feature.

Get Notes 3.0

The release is rolled out in stages (at time writing 5%), so just be a little patient if you can’t see the update yet or switch to the beta channel. We highly depend on feedback from you. Please let us know in case you are experiencing any :beetle: issues at GitHub.

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About this release

After 2.17.1 this release is one of the biggest milestones in the apps history.

We made a heart surgery in the past 18 months and replaced the complete Markdown rendering engine with an entirely new one which is based on Markwon.
Several thousand lines of code have been changed to replace our old, unmaintained solution with the more standardized, future proof engine. Beside various new features, we hope to solve lots of known issues and papercuts of the old version (especially with nested lists & checkboxes). A big thanks to @noties, who helped us to implement the required features based on Markwon and of course our patient community.

There are many synergy effects with the Deck Android app and the new engine was originally developed for that app. Now it is a shared component of both, so if one gets further enhancements, the other will get it automatically with the next version, too. This hopefully will reduce the maintenance efforts for both teams.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes we are working on modernizing the app architecture to make the app, which started back in 2013, more maintainable and extendable. For more information see our notes in this post.

If you are interested in joining our journey to a more modern approach to develop the app, you can find our work at the 831-room branch. Of course you can also work on other tasks like translations or testing - check out our “:family_man_woman_boy: Join the team”-section!


Wow, congrats! :slight_smile: The new Markdown rendering looks very nice and seems much more stable! Very nice work

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Hi, I am still a bit confused about rendering images in Notes, I can see this a feature request that is under proposal, but in your screen shot example you have an image rendered “if server is compatible”. So what is the current way to show images in notes.

As an example I am using Notes 3.1 in android and NC 20.0.5. and Markdown editor 2.3.1

My notes markdown image renders in NC file/folder view on the desktop. But as I say not in my Notes client on Android. Here is a simple example. Do I need to fully qualify the location in my nextcloud instance or I should not use the NC Markdown editor and instead insert image use MD notation? Sorry if this is obvious but I cant find guides on taking advantage of some of these advance notes features, but instead just using the plain text features still. If there is a guide on using MD and Notes that would be great.



No, it’s still a bit cofusing, i agree.

  1. Notes does not yet support attachments (Issue)
  2. Notes does not yet support images which are on your Nextcloud instance (Issue)

I know this sounds quite confusing at the first moment, but let me explain: We tried to cover the technically easiest way to display images in the first step: And this means images from any server which has no authentication or requires specials headers to be set etc. (this is why 2. does not work yet in the first step).

If you type in the exact same link as in the screenshot, you should see the image - because the server where it is located, does not require any authentication or special treatment.

Be sure that we are working on it and can hopefully provide soon support for the 2. scenario (while we need server changes for the 1. scenario). Of course you are welcome to join the development to speed things up :slightly_smiling_face: :rocket: Otherwise just be a little more patient.

Ah ok, fair enough your answer is clear. I just tested with a link to an internet image and it loaded nicely. So either I make a share on my network for images with no access required or wait.

Not sure how I can contribute to the development, apart from the donation I just made now. As I have zero coding skills so happy to wait. Ive join beta test program, as beta version notes are release would it be announced in this thread or in the github?

Not sure how I can contribute to the development, apart from the donation I just made now.

You are already helping when you joined the beta channel - just wait and report any issues as soon as the version with this feature will arrive at the beta channel :slight_smile:

We don’t announce beta versions specially, but you will receive the update via Play Store - and we do maintain release notes for each Play Store version, also for beta versions. Thus you will get notified :slight_smile: