No video/audio outside of local network

I have a nextcloud instance on a self-hosted server at home, and the spreed app installed.

I can see that a peer user connects because of his name being displayed but no audio or video is available in all directions. Well the peer user gets the audio sometimes…

I was wondering if we’d need to open some specific ports either on the router in front of the nextcloud server (UDP traffic ?) or on the router in front of the peer user’s station ?

Could you share some more information on how you set up spreed, if it’s the “Spreed video call” app or the “Spreed.ME” app with dedicated spreed server?

For both you don’t need to open specific ports, as the traffic is forwarded through the http/s ports.

In both cases: Most probably you need so set up a STUN or better TURN server to allow audio/video through your NAT. Here I am explaining how to do this, after step 7 it’s about the STUN/TURN server.

Thx for your help. I meant the Spreed video call app, not the whole server.
The app seems to default to using, which was online during our tests. So it should not be needed to install any additional STUN server.
Still, I’ll try to install spreed-webrtc-server when I get a chance.

Also for that app you can configure a TURN server, which is necessary for some NAT systems and need to be installed the same way as shown in the linked topic.

But actually I also did not manage to get it running (spreed video calls, Spreed.ME works fine) so far, have always black screen which might be related to a wrong given TURN url. I sadly do far did not get some answer on how to set this right: [Spreed video calls] Black screen / How to set STUN/TURN