No Shared By Mail

Since NC11 I have lost in the administration settings the option: Allow users to send mail notification for shared files.

Attached is a capture of the “Sharing” part of the administration.

However, the ShareByMail application is active.

I got the same problem in 11.0.1

I also got a problem with sharing. I can share a file by email (user not on NC) but when I try to share a folder by mail (user not on NC) it just says “Error” in the top of the screen.

Problem since version 11.0 and identical on version 11.0.1 …:cry:

Please check your logfiles for errors.

Yes, I have just found that the Admin option to allow emails by users doesn’t seem to be there and that the option for emailing links is gone. Some update must have happened because Contacts was disabled, the sort of thing that happens to enabled apps when an update happens.

My Nextcloud Box says it is running 11.0.0 (stable)

There is of course nothing in the logs that says “Here’s why send by email isn’t working.” to anyone not familiar with the code. I’ve copied today’s entries. Is there a place I should post this?

+1 tuzda,
indeed no error file present in log admin. An idea ?

Up please Help Me

Nextcloud Box updated to 11.0.1

There is still no option to email links under the sharing section.

I checked Admin, no option to turn this on and off as there was before. I checked Apps and find that the app for emailing links is Enabled.

Same problem…
Fresh install Debian 8, php 5, mariadb, NC 11.0.1
no admin button to select share mail send.

Php5 problem ?

Apps ?

Thank you

Same problem… and identical in demo :sob:

If sharing by mail is used, then the official Nextcloud Android app does not work anymore. This could be a reason for that issue.

Same problem here (11.0.1). Any official comment on that issue available?

This was removed for NC11, look here: Email notification

Look here and leave comment:

EDIT: You can vote here:

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