No reviewer for Danish translation :-o

In a moment with some spare time, i translated the missing 300odd strings to Danish to have the Android client avail in Danish. Then i wanted to interact with the Danish team, to encourage someone to review my translations to complete the work, and then i see there are no translators assigned as reviewer - so this translation, will never progress to finish?
What to do?
(I would like to state a business reason of multi-million, but i cannot - it would just be cool to have the Android client out in Danish :slight_smile:

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Reviewing of strings is for quality.

There is no must for reviewing strings for having them included in the App.

As soon as translation is 100% (or nearly) ready it will be included in the next release.

Regarding Transifex team for danish:
Some teams are small and have no reviewers.

btw. thanks for your work!

Got it thanks - Wonder if there is a priority in the projects - which one of the remaining projects is the most beneficial for Nextcloud to finish next?

About priority - i just need to learn to read - there is a sort order on priority in transifex. Nice tool!