No response from the translators team & reviewers

Hi there!
Greetings from Iran.
We have installed Nextcloud recently and need to translate the interface to our local language which is Persian (Farsi).
There is a translation team already and it seems like they’re working on it but we cannot actually contact them. How can we share our opinions with the reviewer and other translators?
The process is going further TOO slow (and is stopped, apparently!).

Hello @okaeiz ,

Transifex is our platform to translate all Nextcloud resources.
But the collaboration features specifically discussions are limited.

I just looked at the team and it looks like the following:


Please contact the reviewer. I would recommend to contact the most active translators as well.

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Just did a quick report for the last six weeks:

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Sometimes you need to be patient, sometimes you get quick response.

What you can do is joining the team if you haven’t already and start working on the translation.

Best regards

Hi back!
Thanks for dedicating your time to answer us.
We have tried to contact the Coordinator and the Reviewer. But we have got no responses. it seems like they have not been working on the project for a quite long time…
We seek help to localize the interface and we intend to translate the strings AND include the right-to-left direction.

What shall we do? The translation team doesn’t seem like helpful.

Hello @okaeiz ,

The report I added to my last post wast about the last six weeks.
So user „Scischool“ was active.
Two days are not a long time for requests like yours.

You already joined the team as a translator.
What does hold you back from start translating?

How can I help you from administrative view?

Thanks for replying.
Transifex helps us translate the interface. But we still have the direction problem. We need Nextcloud to be both Farsi and Right-to-Left.
We are trying to customize the CSS files and develop it on our own but we definitely need the Nextcloud support.
So the issue is not translation; but direction.

Ok, but that is a completely different topic then.

All development related work is done using GitHub.
Please open an issue there and describe the issue you are facing.

Hebrew is RTL as well. Does this work for you?
Please test.
If yes then we are back to translation work and I will try to support you.

Add GitHub issue for reference Nextcloud translation to Persian (Farsi) · Issue #360 · nextcloud/docker-ci · GitHub

Thanks for replying.
We have also checked Arabic & Hebrew as two similar languages but they are arranged in LTR direction as well.
So this is quite important job and should be considered.
In order to customize the interface (development work), which files do we need to edit?
We have found a massive amount of code in /path/to/nextcloud/core.
Are these the files we have to modify?

besides, how can you observe the translation activity of each member?

I marked your last answer as solution. For the RTL languages, you have opened a new topic: Nextcloud RTL Direction

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