“No message in this folder”


I run into the same error than @ oatmeal:

OCA\Mail\Exception\MailboxDoesNotSupportModSequencesException: Mailbox does not support mod-sequences

Mail Version 1.8.1, Nextcloud Verision 20.0.7

The symptoms: Mails are loaded, some seconds later mails disappears, some seconds later they appear again - endless loop.


German native, English so-la-la, Italian what?

This seems to be expected as a workaround - but either it is not merged into 1.8.1 or it is not working for all cases of this exception

I checked the patch above - it is in 1.8.1 and it seems it doesnt work

Story continues on github:

please also link back to the forum post from your github ticket so people can connect the posts