No help from developers in the forum

This forum is just here to make you feel more hopeless if you don’t pay a good sum to nextcloud inc for their support services. Haven’t seen much helpful response from nextcloud

This forum consists of volunteers that try to help people with their Nextcloud in their spare time if you didn’t know.


yup, the devs are just here to dash any hopes, no help allowed

This forum is used by volunteers. Also, developers may not have time to keep answering questions that have already been answered for them or seem too trivial.

Overall, many of the questioners actually have far too little knowledge to run a highly complex IT application like Nextcloud. I think the increase in IT know-how is not affordable for many of the questioners.

You can not solve all problems with cut-and-paste like the installation. Some users might be better off getting a Managed Nextcloud and using only the application and not the administration for now or only for testing. I do not advise anyone to host their own highly important data without sufficient knowledge.


I have been here long enough to know how things go. Dev’s do answer but not in a way that would help you to run solo.
I see you are quick to bring up the “managed” solution. You don’t know anything about me or the poster if they are “capable”. Which is exactly what I hate about nextcloud. Basicly it opposes it’s goal where owncloud/nextcloud is started for: take back control own data and services.


That’s right. I would also like to see more learning about Nextcloud. But certain prerequisites such as Linux user rights, etc. should be allowed to assume. Unfortunately, the basics to run a Linux server are often missing. You can’t hold that against the Nextcloud developers.

Users could also read all the documentation.


I don’t think dismissing your users as incapable and lazy is fair. Some are and others are not.
I am certainly capable and willing to read docs.
But I think you aren’t willing to accept the core of the criticism even if you know it’s true

I think there are different users. But you can’t explain everything over and over again. Therefore, I like to refer to commands and the associated documentation. And yes the user must read the documentation and and should understand them. But I am not a developer.

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You are right. Somebody who wants to run a software like Nextcloud, should read the documentation and shoud have some experience.
I am running Nextcloud for several years. It started with Owncloud, then I migrated to Nextcloud. I have run many updates successfully, I was solving my problems on my own in most cases. For my current problem I cannot find any help in the Nextcloud documentation, nor in the internet. I do not know how to troubleshoot it. There are no logs pointing to the problem. So I decided to ask here.


I moved this discussion in a different topic.

I don’t really get the point, if you need assistance from the developers you can buy the official support. The developers have to help out there, work on the code as well, do the documentation, …

And then if they give free detailed support for everybody on the forum who would then buy official support

Don’t get me wrong, there are many things we can improve. Documentation is far from perfect, even some people wanting to contribute to the project didn’t get any answers even though it would be helpful for the project on the long run, …

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The problem with Nextcloud is the huge gap between “free use & volunteer support” and paid services/support, which starts somewhere at “100 seats”.

So the small/medium companies (with far less than “100 seats”) don’t have options to pay + get better (forum) support.


Well, the basic package comes out to €300/month for 100 seats. That’s $330 USD.

Small companies can pay that. Minimum wage is $15/hour in my state. That’s about two and a half days worth of work for one employee.

LOL that was funny :wink:

Our nextcloud serves 3 employees. Sure, I want to pay 300eur per month to get a “basic support” once a year. No thanks.

Its ok, I run the server now for 4 years with no significant problems. I am happy to get free/open source software.

And it is fine if Nextcloud GmbH makes all their money with much bigger companies.

But it is a fact, that there is no support offer between free voluntary support and big company support contracts.

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Yeah, I found this typical for many - if not all - capitalistic open soiurce companies. You will always find a basic free community version but to get support or more advanced features you have to pay 100 Euro and more per months, there is nothing in between for home users , families and small groups. But this seems to make sense for these companies from a capitalistic point of view. Their focus are the big companies, therefore you find all this corporate style press releases here and their generell marketing ĂĽber alles style of communication, see also this beta-test discussion We have released the first beta of Nextcloud 24!

Okay, so pay for a systems administrator? You can hire a independent contractor for (probably) around $300-$1000 depending on what work you need. The same goes for customizing nextcloud (hire a coder).

I guess what I’m getting at here is what you’re expecting from a free product. I think the developers need to be more transparent on changes and less quick to push new features before they’re ready for production. But I don’t think they should be required to give support for free, either.


I am one of those small home type users with relatively lower end of per capita income geographic location.

I would instinctively side with OP on the issue of Devs being silent on their own product support forum and wishes $$ to offer support. In a perfect world, this is a conflict of interest as tougher and complex you can make your software / app, more users will face issues and would like to have your help and thus more support package sell. It may apply to the documentation part too, since less info = more confusion thus resulting in more support package sell.

But practically, situation is quite different for me.

It’s been 8/9 months since my NextCloud Home server deployment and for people like me, the non technical users, snap way is the best way.

OS install, few simple copy paste commands and it’s up and running with my own domain and SSL. Surely it isn’t as simple as installing an app from mobile app store or double clicking for Windows software install but when you are talking about Linux / Server / Web, it’s perhaps the easiest as it can be.

What more can I expect from this FREEware concept?

OS that I run, there too, Ubuntu Devs are never to be seen in their support forum. Same is true for OpenVPN and almost every piece of Open Source software that I have on my Home Server.

Yes documentations are half baked. I have my own grievance thread on this forum itself about the CPU performance with NextCloud → High CPU Usage NextCloud 22.2.0 (snap) on Ubuntu 20 LTS

But apart from that, for simple basic tasks for a home user, it works the way it is intended and advertised. Most of the questions about it’s basic task aren’t technical enough to justify developer inputs.

But lastly, in this capitalist world of ours, if force support sale is a cruel way of NextCloud Team to intentionally avoid forum activity and publish complex and half baked documentations, then users like me are always in lookout for an alternative and make no mistake, small home users like me will switch without any loyalty when there is one or if NextCloud software isn’t working as it is expected without any complex configuration and technically challenging problem solving.

I am sure, I am not the only one who understands this. Surely the software makers are aware of this too.

Till now the software is working for me. Yes there are random issues with their mobile / desktop apps having it’s own mind with auto upload or sync, new backup app is acting wired, few of such but overall, in general, the software is serving my purpose. The moment there is a better performing alternative, people like me will switch out.

It’s no secrete, OwnCloud → NextCloud happened. IBM’s takeover of Redhat ensured community using Ubuntu to replace the CentOS in the server space.

At the end of the day, feeling is mutual in bothways. Money is needed to drive a project development so certain hard decisions are understandable but if those decisions are greedy enough to annoy a large user base, sooner or later an alternative will pop up and there is no stopping on users to switch out.

And last of all, it may sound hard or harsh but truth is, it’s a free software. Take it the way it is. Not happy? well it’s open source, so change or add to the code as per as your liking. Don’t have time or ability? Then pay Google or MS for convince at the cost of privacy and security. Don’t want to do that either? Then look for an better alternative of NextCloud serving the same purpose

So the question is, do you have any alternative in mind?



I suspect your CPU is thermal throttling or in low power mode. The BIOS might be set to be “power efficient” or saving or whatever they call it.

Easy way to tell. cat /proc/cpuinfo and see if the CPU Mhz being reported is correct.

You know, it’s funny that you just drop something like that out of nowhere because it also says this above your post:

It’s been a while since we’ve seen trendzetter — their last post was 1 year ago.

So I’m curious (if only slightly), what prompted this sudden outburst?


This is a trend of the current time, which does annoy me not only here in the forums…

Just throw out an oneliner without context, and then wait and see if someone reacts. If you do it that way, you are always right, because the others have to guess what you actually meant and all you have to do then, is throwing out more oneliners and wait again.

And in the same way many ask for help in forums and then they wonder why the developers don’t have time to play this game with them personally all day.

Btw. This is one of the reasons why support is expensive. :wink:

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How much would you be willing to pay. 5€, 10€, 20€? How long do you think a supporter can deal with your specific issue for this money? I guess you know better than I do, since you are running your own company.

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