No access to photos via keywords if too many hits

Hello, I have now successfully set up a Nextcloud with the primary goal of being able to share my photo collection with the rest of my family or to exchange photos.
Here are some “technical” details about my installation:

  • local installation on a Synology DS1621+ with DSM 7.1
  • Installation runs in the Docker container
  • Nextcloud version: 26.0
  • PHP version: 8.3
  • Database: Postgresql 15.1 (in separate Docker container)

After successful installation, I uploaded my entire photo collection - currently a little over 45,000 pictures - to the cloud and then started the “recognice” app for person and object recognition. That all worked out in the end, too, and an impressive number of keywords were generated.
Now when I launch the Photos app and select the Tags category there, I see a long list of “Albums” with all sorts of tags. For many of the tagged “albums” I also see a thumbnail for each “album”, but there are a few that don’t show a thumbnail, although there are a (quite large in this case) number - usually more than 1,500 - images for the tag is shown. If I try to open such an “album” - i.e. one with many entries - nothing happens for a while (except for a rotating “Bussy” pointer) and then “0 images - No photos with this keyword” is displayed.
For smaller albums, i.e. those that also show a thumbnail, I can easily access and view the images.
I have already increased the settings for the memory cache of the database (the database now has 4 of 32 GB of memory available as a cache), which has improved the behavior, but I don’t want the entire memory now for DB tasks only waste.
Does anyone have any ideas what else I could do to solve the problem?

Hi @KingSB

This sounds like the following issue: /tags view performance · Issue #1728 · nextcloud/photos · GitHub