No access to nextcloud


i set up Nextcloud (snap-version with ubuntu-server-installation) and other things on my Homeserver under Ubuntu. But after the installation of Jitsi-Server i cant get access to my nextcloud. I can see the website from nginx, it shows me the correct installation of nginx, but nothing more. I think the problem ist the installation of nginx with Jitsi-Server. But how can i get back access to Nextcloud? I tryed to use other Port so i used the commands:

sudo snap set nextcloud ports.http=81
sudo snap set nextcloud ports.https=444

But no access. I have the same problem with webmin, which I use to manage my server.


Try running:

netstat -lntu

to find out on wich ports your software is running.

If that does not help, try to find the nextcloud logs and look for error messages.

I personally use Docker, so i can’t help if the problem is snap specific, but i will try :slight_smile:

By the way theres a german thread on this forum that seems to describe the same problem (?).

They seem to have resolved the issue by changing the ports, like you did, and restarting the snap container afterwards.


it is the same question, because it is from me :slight_smile:
And yes Problem solved. The Solution was to restart nextcloud with:

sudo snap restart nextcloud

And same solution was for other services. I only posted it here to, because english and german Community together are more persons, who read this. And mostly faster solutions / better solutions. And I give the answers to other Forums, so more people can see the solution.

Thx TessPowder

Ooop, should have noticed the other post was from you :joy: