Nextnews - a simple client for Nextcloud News is now live on the iOS AppStore!


Hello everyone! I am developing a client for Nextcloud News for iOS. Nextnews is written in React Native and could be ported to Android at a later date.

Right now the app is pretty simple but it supports the following features:

  • reading articles (of course)
  • marking articles as read or starring them
  • subscribing to feeds
  • creating new folders
  • renaming feeds and folders or deleting them
  • sharing articles
  • simple theming options

I plan to expand the app in the future. Here’s a rough roadmap of what’s ahead:

  • Different view modes
  • Notifications for new articles
  • Support for more languages
  • Custom theme editor
  • Download articles and read them offline, including images
  • iPad / macOS Apple Silicon support
  • Android support

You can get the app on the AppStore.


Be sure to add yourself to the client list in News app docs.

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Hi everyone! I finally released Nextnews 1.1 bringing by far the most requested feature: iPad support.


This release also includes other highly requested features such as:

  • Option to automatically mark articles read on scroll
  • Different view modes for your article list
  • Auto refresh of your feeds after a certain amount of time
  • Press and hold articles in the list for quick actions (on macOS you can just right-click which is even nicer)

I also set up a website to publish updates a little easier and help with discoverability:

I hope you like this new release! Get it here as always.

You can leave feedback right in this thread or on the website.

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