NextCloudPI v1.18.0 released

Please be aware I have no expertise of my own with NextcloudPi, unfortunately. However, some news and a little advertising could help this excellent project, I presume…

There was an article (EN) as of August 2019 giving some overview and specific advice on NCP updates and a german (DE) review:

One may consult the below article for background information:

However, please be aware to avoid the apt update command usual to other Linux flavours as NCP provides the a.m. special commands ncp-update and ncp-dist-upgrade specifically. Mixing NCP packages with standard packages would bring you some hassle and would destroy the good efforts of the NCP project on your install, I presume.

Furtherly, you may consult the NC 16 php.ini configuration notes in the Nextcloud docs.

(Continued Discussion from / Fortsetzung der Diskussion von:
Urgent security issue in NGINX/php-fpm)

Please be aware you currently are in the ‘news’ category. There may be some better place to ask for help on updates and technical issues in this NC forum available at:

Hope this helps.


thanks @TP75 for bringing this to our attention here…

as always i’d recommend ncp to every rpi-user (and some more) since it’s a great piece of a tool! ery helpful.

though i’d like to add that my ncp updated itself to v1.19.0 already. dunno why.


(My apologies for some mishap in mixing comments in this forum. Stay tuned.)