Nextcloudpi slow with many small files (rpi3 non plus)

Hello community,

im running nextcloudpi (GitHub - nextcloud/nextcloudpi: 📦 Build code for NextcloudPi: Raspberry Pi, Odroid, Rock64, Docker, curl installer...) on a rpi 3. i have my wd elements connected to it via usb and mounted database and datadir to it. For some reason the wizard didn’t work out of the box but that’s not a big deal. At the start database and data where on my sd card for some reason

I’ve read through a lot of topics on google and here but i really don’t understand if there is a solution for my problem. Currently im syncing my picture folders which consists of 150.000 pictures, clips, whatapp files and so one. I started it last night at 10 pm and it is stil running after 21 hours… for large files i have good speeds up to 10-12 mb which is good, because im on a pi 3 (non +) without gigabit ethernet BUT folders with a lot files still are making big troubles.

I have to say i’m a total beginner in ubuntu, so well if you maybe have some help i need very clear instructions where/what to do, sorry for this. I mean i barely connected via ssh, but now it is working, so my ubunu experience is 3 days old…

Here is a screen of my current sync:


What else can i say, i run everything by ethernet cable (pc/router/pi), it shouldnt’ be that slow. Before i just had my hdd drive connected to the router and im really thinking to go back to it, because it was much faster, but i guess youll have a solution for me hopefully !

Also i’ve read through some tuning guides (too hard to understand for me):
PHP-FPM, some configs and so one…

and Sync 2.0, which should already be included on nextcloud 24?

Things i tried:

  • Enabling zram
  • Force https active
  • letsencrypt active
  • nc-limits:

Thank you guys.

Unfortunately the problem is your Pi 3.
Webdav has trouble with moving tons of small files, but the main limitation here is your hardware.

Do it! Absolutely the better choice. You can also mount this external location to your Pi 3 (see documentation or search the forum for instructions) and keep using Nextcloud while keeping your data available over Samba / NFS (depending on your router config).

Can you give me a hint what exactly to search for?
So you mean i can use a hdd connected to my router in nextcloud on a pi?
That would be really good, but isn’t the file format a problem for nextcloud?
I don’t know which file format my Speedport Smart 3 has, but i know it is using smb:

My router says it can handle hdd drive with this file formats:

As you can see i’m learning a lot and a beginner, sorry for that

Use the router.

Your choice. Try to use the format you’ve already created if you can. If you want to re-format the two best options you listed would be ext2 or ext3.

Yes, you can. The Pi 3 is slow either way. Start by getting your disk connected to the router.

I don’t know either. You’ll need to figure that out. Nextcloud supports mounting samba external storage. Instructions are there if you internet search or forum search or check documentation.

Reading between the lines on this, it sounds like you are keeping zero backups. Consider investing in a backup system of some kind so you don’t lose your data once your drive fails. :heart: