NextcloudPI @ Raspi 4b slow

I’m trying to replace my old Server (Core 2 Duo, 8 GB RAM, SSD, HDD, Ubuntu Server 18 with Nextcloud 17) with an Raspi 4b with SSD, Raspian and NextcloudPI 17.
The Samba performance to copy a 1GB file is identical on both machines (10 sec). But the Nextcloud performance is much worse on the Raspi (44 sec vs. 1:28).

  • What is the reason for that?
  • Is there a chance to improve the performance?

Happy about every useful hint.

Regards EU

I guess nextcloud will bring in a lot more overhead then a simple samba server. There is the webserver, database and php. Maybe have a look into top or ps to get some compareable data between samba and nextcloud. In generel i dont think that it does make sense to compare an embbeded system like the raspberry with a powerfull core 2 duo.

It’s important to use your RAM efficiently. Use caching (redis for file locking, db caches) if you have some RAM left but not too much…

NextcloudPi shouldn’t be that bad from the start, but the database settings also depend on the usage. Reducing the resources is not easy, and the configuration becomes more important.

First of all - thank you very much for the helpful answers.
In top - apache is the top-consumer during upload - with 100% cpu.
I’ve installed an configured redis and APCu - but this hasn’t any effect so far.
I’ve also switched off HTTPS as I thought that encryption might be the reason - no effect.

Regarding your link OliverV:

< In particular, it performs poorly in terms of both network and USB functionality.>
This seems not to be true for the 4b - because of ma SMB-Results. I can reach up to 100MB/sec via LAN to the USB3 SSD on the Raspi - which is really good in my point of view.

My cooling also seems to be OK.

If I understand the spec right - the raspi is running under 32-Bit with rasbian - is that right?
Maybe it makes sense to switch to Ubuntu server x64?

Kind regards EU

New findings:
I’ve overclocked my raspi to 2 GHz and this reduced the upload-time to 1:13 (reproducible). So this seems to be a somehow a linear relationship between CPU-Clock, apache utilization and upload-speed.
Regards EU