Slow upload and download speed on raspberry pi

Good question. The developers use tools like that can create profiles, so you see what happens on a code-level (without knowledge of the code, I’m not sure if it is helping you a lot).

Perhaps check out around the NextcloudPi project, they are focussed on running Nextcloud on a raspberry and know very well the limitations. There are certainly people running it in their local network (1 Gbit/s), so if many reach higher speeds than you, it’s your environment, if nobody gets more, then it’s the php code.

Wow what an amazing idea. Il definitely checkout nextcloudpi

I have the same problem with nextcloud-docker (20.0.4) on Raspberry pi 4. I don’t want to use nextcloud-pi as I love the docker way…are there any other options?

Do u also use the 64 bit beta? Theres a docker version of nextcloud pi btw

No I use hypriot-os latest (32bit) but also have Speed around 2-10 Mbits…I use the official docker image…

Here are some reports about 20 MB/s:

And some tuning potential of the CPU:

yeah i see. mine was already running on 2ghz so cant change that anymore. (2147 oc would make a 2.2 ghz oc but i dont have enough power for it)

Overclocking seems risky to the stability of the pi…what is your experience with 2GHz? Does it bring a notable improvement?

my experience is that its perfectly stable. im using the stock charger and an over voltage of 7. i always oced my pi so i dont know the difference between stock.

could u tell me more about docker. does it still let u manage all the apps and such (able to uninstall)

Yes that works perfectly :-). You can modify everything which makes it way better than snap. T another advantage are smooth updates. I always had problems with directly installed nextcloud when I was doing updates. Another big advantage is the usage of traefik -> this way you can create a save and TLS encrypted reverse proxyied environment which fulfills all security-needs :slight_smile:. For me, the docker-nextcloud is unbeatable regarding usability and administration. -> everything in docker is from stock configured correctly (no warnings except SSL)

i see. thank you i wil try the nextcloud pi docker soon and get back at you. ps i can recommend no ip for a dns so u can get that ssl warning out the way. if u only use 1 domain its free and needs to be renewed every 30 days

i received a small performance boost after switching to nginx (aka living hell if u dont know nginx lol)

it wasnt stable around 20 but i see it reaching 19MB/s a often

and directly daving in with winscp

note that i hadnt yet configured php-fpm correctly

Thanks :slight_smile: I’m using

Beside the awful Website, it has more features :slight_smile:

so after switching back to apache2 again (for me easier to use) i went on and tried to enbale php7.4-fpm for apache2 as well. after a short guide and some restarts later im getting the same speed as with nginx . around 18MB/s wich is quite a good improvement

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Cool, you nearly doubled the upload speed. The more you want, the harder it gets.

I think if i want to get to my actual network speed if have to run it on something stronger than the pi

Well, perhaps there is a bit of potential, if you have RAM left you could put certain things on RAMdisk. But even with a better machine, you never get the same speed like with SFTP or similar. Like 50% is what you can achieve with proper caching and a “normal” setup.
Perhaps a nice idea for some kind of competition, what upload/download rate can you achieve with a RPi4 in a local network (1 Gbit/s).

I had this problem on a Owncloud installation and I’m trying to migrate to Nextcloud. Using apache2 didn’t solve the problem

Use apache with pfp-fpm

well it is already running of a ssd. but what would u put in that ramdisk? id would have to load it into there every boot i assume