NextCloudPi on Raspberry Pi 2


I am trying to install NextCloudPi per this link with the latest image NextCloudPi_RPi_11-27-20.img

After I insert the MicroSD on RPi2 and power it up, nothing happens. It does not boot.

Is Raspberry Pi 2 supported for the latest NextCloudPi?
if not, is there a supported image for NextCloudPi?

Sorry, I am new to NextCloudPi and was not able to find these details, any help or guidance is appreciated!

It was supported, however the older ones the performance is not really good (Why is my Pi(3 and older) so slow | NextCloudPi Documentation). Do you have a different SD card to test? Or can you try a different image for RPi2 that works?

The problem you’ve encountered is most likely the 32-bit architecture of the Pi 2 and earlier. Basic installation method still applies:

  • install standard Raspbian image
  • run the curl script for NextcloudPi

Thank you @tflidd @just

can you please provide the details for the curl script for NextCloudPi please…

appreciate your help!

Thank you!