NextCloudPi on a Raspberry Pi 4B

Does NextCloudPi run on the new Raspberry Pi 4B?

According to my informations it should run, the current raspbian also runs on the pi4b without modifications. But as long as nobody has teste it, we wont know for suer and since the device was announced and released yesterday, i doubt anyone already has one to test.

It should run, I don’t know a reason why not. In any case I would run the raspberrypi with a SSD disk, not on the micro SD. Nextcloud runs on a database and stores lots of data, the micro SD would wear out soon.

I’ve ordered some. I was planning to migrate to Rock64, but I can’t get the damned thing to stay up more than a week without some random crash which is beyond me to debug. Pi3B+ has been rock steady for a couple of years, so have high hopes for the 4.

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This seems to be a good decision. At the moment it’s difficult to order it (4GB version) by a german shop. So I’ve to wait for a while.

I never had problems with a micro SD. I only sync calendar and contacts but any files.

I would like to test it. If it doesn’t work I would replace the PI 4 with my PI 3b which I use as a media player with volumio.

Would I need to do any modification to the NextcloudPi Image? I tried burning the iso ( onto a microSD and connected power and Ethernet. The red power LED and the green Ethernet LED are on but my router doesn’t show a connection via Ethernet, so I assume it is not booting (?)

supposedly raspbian based images (like NCP) are compatible with pi4 so it should work

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No need of a new build? The German shop BerryBase mentions that only builds after the 24th of June are compatible… Maybe there was something changed in kernel for example

The new Raspbian for Raspi4 (and lower) is using the new Debian Buster release. Maybe this is the reason why:

ah if that’s the case then we’ll have to wait for a new image based on Buster

Yesterday I got an email from Berrybase. They told that there were 100 more PI 4 available. As I tried to get one immediately the server crashed every time. This must have been a divine sign! :wink: So I better wait until a new build of NextCloudPi releases.

Would it be possible to just install Raspbian and then install NextcloudPi over it? Is there any tool/script to do so?

On pi4/Buster: Presently can only use docker afaik.

One of mine just arrived. Can I help to create an image?

sure, that’d be great! I would start by learning to create a build and then we can open a PR in github and go through the process together.

I have a preliminary image but haven’t tested it on a pi yet. Will upload it later in case folks want to help test it.

I would like to test it as soon as PI4 is available again.

I just bought a PI 4. Time to upload the new image :grinning: