NextCloudPi - no compatible NextCloudPi app available?

my Raspberry Pi with NextCloudPi v1.48.2 tells me on /settings/admin/overview that there is a new version available: Nextcloud 23.0.7, but for NextCloudPi a compatible version is missing:


Why is it possible to update Nextcloud to a version which is not compatible to NextCloudPi?


It was always possible to doing that. It just wasn’t recommended. Usually NCP-devs would test updating process (and make adjustments if neccessary) ahead of deploying a new version

That still upholds. You can try to update on your own accord, but it might break.

You might also want to read Staying up to date
(also explains this special behaviour of NextCloudPi - see " Why not just update from Nextcloud itself?")

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OK, so it’s best to turn nc-autoupdate-ncp and nc-autoupdate-nc on.
Will nc-autoupdate-nc also update to a next major version (if available), eg. from 23 to 24?

Yes, nc-autoupdate-nc does also major updates. However - it’s always some releases behind. You can take a look at nextcloudpi/ at master · nextcloud/nextcloudpi · GitHub to get an impression when an update has been done in the past.

Advantage: Your instance will have less issues with new bugs in new versions.
Disadvantage: Your instance will get new fancy features later.