Nextcloudpi login issue

I am new to this! I have tried to load nextcloudpi onto a Pi4. I flashed copy of the image to a MicroSD using etcher and all seemed to load to the pi OK but i am stuck in terminal which is asking for Nextcloud login and password which i do not have yet?

Where have you downloaded the image? Maybe post more details.

Not tested:

hi devnull

i downloaded the image from github. NextcloudPi_RaspberryPi4_v1.54.0\NextcloudPi_RaspberryPi4_v1.54.0.img


Have you read this, this and this?

after it installed correctly pls go to either

Hi dev, yes i did read them. However as i said at the start i am new to this so some of it i did not understand.

I have been trying to set up Nextcloud for two days now so i think i will give up as it is not as simple as the website makes out.

Thanks for your replies.

well ncp makes everything pretty simple.

But maybe you are right and selfhosting is not your thing (your server would need to be maintained after installation)

So why not trying to get yourself a free-account with some reasonable hoster to get to know how NC works?
here are at least 2 recommendations

right now, I, myself, like murena a bit more since they come with less restrictions for their free account.