NextcloudPi Documentation from migrated to this forum under #ncpdocs

#ncpdocs is now the primary source of all NextcloudPi documentation. Farewell to and please enjoy!

:heart_eyes_cat: Big thanks to all of the work of @ZendaiOwl and @michuvon for their exhaustive efforts in making this happen!!! :heart: :heart_decoration: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Hmm… I am interested why you decided to move it here?
I am guessing that you hope to see more contributions because a lot of people already have an account here?
But I have not seen a project use disourse forum for documentation yet.

Is it just me or are all the hyperlinks in the wiki broken and point to different pages?

Could you please help us update the documentation.

@just Sure, I can help updating the links if someone could point me to the correct links?

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All the articles have been migrated over and are either in the Nextcloudpi Documentation category which is publicly visible or in the hidden category Nextcloudpi Documentation Drafts which you’ll get access to when you’re added in the NCP Wiki group as a contributor, editor or if you just want to help out, after requesting it.