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Welcome to the NextCloudPi Wiki!

This is a collection of information about how to install NextCloudPi and most of the configuration options. Please contribute - this is how open source communities thrive! To do so, and become a registered member here, come and join us, leave a comment on NCP Wiki Team’s Telegram group, to let us know, if you need translator, contributor or editorial rights. You may also use the forum tag ncp for this. Also if your language is missing, do let us know. Thank you.

Documentation – Index of Everything

If this is your first time with NextCloudPi, start with the Installation Guide

All the wiki pages are available from the search box menu at the top and the bottom of each page, in an effort to make them more accessible here they are listed into three main categories. It is a work in progress…If a link is broken, please let us know through Telegram, bridged Matrix, Forum or Github.