Nextcloud with https on OVH web server


First, thank you for forgiving my english which is not very good.
I installed Nextcloud 14.0.1 on an OVH web server. It worked in http. When I configured my web server in https, and that I call I had the configuration page. The configuration went well, the tables were created in my database, but when I call, I have a blank page. How do I handle this problem? Thanks for your help.

If you don’t see anything that stands out in the logs, feel free to post them here (or a pastebin).

The log file is located in /nextcloud/data/nextcloud.log … or you could also check /var/log/apache/ if nothing stands out to you in the nextcloud logs.

We had recently someone with problems on SSL and OVH:

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Hello, thanks for you response.

/nextcloud/data/nextcloud.log is empty.

I don’t find /var/log/apache/

I’m going to read the post of @tflidd and try to do something mentionned…

Ok, it seems to be ok with phpcgi. Thanks a lot @tflidd !

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