Nextcloud version 29.0.0 news app not working

I installed nextcloud version 29.0.0, everything works properly, but the news application does not work properly, I encounter a problem like the picture I gave. I would appreciate if you can help.

Are You at news V24?
Than that is a known behaviour.

Try the V25 beta or read or open an issue here:

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how do I download the beta version

i installed nextcloud on the server i bought from amazon. how do i download it to this server? where do i download it? how do i install it? i would be happy if you help me.

See the note about enabling beta release access in the apps chapter in the Admin Manual: Apps management — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

Just be conscious that it’ll also enable it for other apps so don’t leave enabled and forget. :slight_smile:

As @jtr mentioned, you can install it over the web ui.
Or you dowload it from the link, I provided above
( ),
remove the folder /var/www/nextcloud/apps/news and unzip the beta archive to /var/www/nextcloud/apps/news
Beware, that your filestructure can be diferent.

See also:


I have a similar problem. Existing apps seem to display and work fine, but when I install any new app, they do not install properly or work. The navigation bar icons do not show up for the new apps and only show sunken box. And nothing shows up on the main display except the background. Tried different versions such as explained above, no change.