Nextcloud use cases for a school


I was wondering, if anyone here has setup a Nextcloud instance as a central groupware for a primary school. I would like to check, if the system would support the following use cases (possibly using any additional apps):

  1. As an admin, I would like to set up user groups which are sub-groups of another group (e.g. 2nd graders group consisting of multiple classes’ sub-groups).

  2. As an admin, I want to set up a range of users by batch creating them from a CSV file (with email addresses) and automatically generate initial passwords, which are emailed to the newly created users.

  3. As a principal I want to send an email to all parents or, alternatively, all parents of the 1st grade (represented as user (sub)groups).

  4. As a teacher I want to send an email to all parents for my class and have them actively confirm reading this email by clicking on a personalised link (ideally, I would be able to track this somehow in some kind of dashboard widget).

I would be very grateful for any feedback on these items. Thanks a lot.



There have been examples here on the forum:

For all the rest, user management in Nextcloud is for rather small numbers. Larger organisations ususally use LDAP or similar (you can authenticate Nextcloud against this LDAP). And then you can use mailinglist for the mails (hook it up with LDAP as well).

For schools, there are also example setup such as: 6.2 documentation — 6.2.0 documentation

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