NextCloud Ubuntu Appliance after resetting Eero router

Up until this month I’ve had good success with my Ubuntu NextCloud Appliance ( and accessing it via my mobile apps, SSH and through my desktop application. In December I switched internet providers and started using the Eero Pro wifi mesh system that came with the service. My NextCloud kept right on working with the Eero, but a separate project a few weeks ago forced me to reset the Eero settings and shutdown the NextCloud Appliance.

I came back and turned the appliance back on and now nothing “sees” the appliance. The Eero “sees” the appliance attached to it, but in the settings does not show me a usable IP address. I tried to SSH into the device to no avail.

I’m assuming the Eero must have reset the IP address, does that sound right? If so, how do I located the new IP address (Just in case it matters, I’m using a Mac) and start resetting the desktop application so I can again access my files? Also, once fixed, is preventing this in the future as simple as setting a static IP address within the router (something that was done prior to the Eero reset)?

Thank you so much for any information!

Well, that is your answer. You removed all of your settings so your router no longer knows about your Nextcloud device.

This will be a question for your Eero documentation and the Ubuntu appliance. Honestly, I’ve never seen a single person mention this device and the website is surprisingly lacking information. afaik this is just the Ubuntu Snap of Nextcloud.

  1. You’ll need to log into your Eero as admin
  2. Assign a static ip or dhcp reservation to your Nextcloud device.
  3. You should now be able to access your device.
  4. Port forward 80 and 443 on your device if you need an SSL certificate.
  5. Adjust your Trusted Domains in Nextcloud if your new IP address does not match the one you used before.


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