Nextcloud timezone

How i can change my Nextcloud timezone ?
I add nextcloud config.php file this line: ‘logtimezone’ => ‘Europe/Tallinn’,
but still timezone incorrect.


OS: Ubuntu server 16.04.1
Webserver: apache 2.4.23
PHP: 7.0.12
MYSQL: 5.7.15
NextCloud 10.0.1

There is a setting in the database, but I don’t see an option to change this in the user interface. We had a similar issue here:

@georgehrke Do you manage the timezones in the calendar app? In the old calendar app you could change the timezone.

i see wrong timezone log files…wrong log time…

Sorry, I thought you were referring to the whole setup not only the logfile. Is the timezone and time on your server correctly set?

The user’s timezone in the calendar app is automatically determined with this lib:

But I doubt this question is related to the calendar :wink:

Yes, my server timezone is correct.