Two different times in administration

I have NextCloud 10. In the Server settings and activity emails I have GMT+0. I should be GMT+2. But in the Logging tab is time correct.
I have to use activity e-mails because desktop app cannot send emails while sharing files.
I changed config.php, I tried change time in ubuntu, nothing happens.
Does anyone have an idea?

Your server run on GMT+0? In the config file you can only set the timezone for the logs. Shouldn’t the mailclient show you the correct time (in your timezone)? Can you check the mail header for the times? date on the server should show you the current time in the set timezone (of the server).

here is what timedatectl shows me:

I think the time should be correct but in the Server settings cron time is bad.


Your timezone settings are correct (your RTC is a bit out of range, could perhaps become a problem when you reboot the server).

On my admin page, the last cron execution is shown in the correct timezone (GMT+2). Can you check in the table oc_preferences of the NC database what the timezone is of your user? I think it is created with the user or when he first uses calendar. I think in the old calendar app (OC 8.2 and older) you had an option to change the user’s timezone.

Do you use the latest calendar version because there was a bug

I am sorry but I am new to Ubuntu and Nextcloud. I don’t know where should I find it. Could you help me?
I had calendar disabled, I enabled it and I have latest version :slight_smile:

To see the tables, you must directly check your database. If it is mysql or mariadb, you can use the web-based tool phpmyadmin.

I don’t have anything about timezones

here we have an answer from the calendar developers:

Generally speaking the calendar has absolutely nothing to do with the user’s timezone in Nextcloud nor the instance timezone set in the config.php.

The timezone used to display events is always determined when you open the calendar app in your web browser and is not stored on the server.