Nextcloud Talk - Slow sending

Nextcloud 18.0.3, Talk 8.0.5, Apache 2.4.41, PHP 7.2
We’re experiencing a delay sending messages through the Talk web gui. Hit enter and the message is displayed twice on the time line, the second copy has a busy signal running. It can last from a second to perhaps 5 seconds. Thinking back, we used to have the busy signal but without the double up, instead the input box was greyed out until ready. Most important, we’ve found that if both parties stay in the room, the message goes through immediately without any problems, only happening when one leaves and the other party sends a message.

I’m thinking it’s a problem our end and not a Talk issue. All checks pass with a green tick within the overview panel and everything else to my knowledge is running great. Phone apps are pretty right I think. If someone could point be in the right direction I’d appreciate it. We’re relying on Talk a bit lately due to the increasing lock downs, the project is very much appreciated.

Thanks for your time.


Quick addition.
Turning off chat notifications on either end completely solves the problem. We need the notifications though.

Did you ever get this resolved, ours is doing the same thing, it feels just not… fluid.

I noticed slow page load times for all apps in the Nextcloud web UI after my team of four people started using talk/spreed more. Simple repro is just to click between conversations a few times then subsequent page loads are slow. I did some very basic troubleshooting but didn’t find anything conclusive. My workaround: disable the Talk app. Everything is fast again. Shrug.

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